The Cami cover-up


Chris Christie and Cami Anderson
Chris Christie and Cami Anderson–covering up?

The chairman of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Schools has asked the state education commissioner, the state attorney general, and the state comptroller to coordinate an investigation into the state’s operation of the Newark school district. He asked many of these questions before–and, so far, the Christie Administration and its legislative allies, including Democrats, have stonewalled his efforts and covered up the possible violations of law.

State Sen. Ronald Rice (D-Essex), in a 10-page letter to the state officials, lists scores of detailed questions he wants answered about the Newark district’s proposed $53 million deficit, the hiring of consultants, the granting of raises to top aides of the state-appointed school superintendent,  the operation of the district’s “One Newark” enrollment plan,  possible business connections between public officials and private entrepreneurs,  the lack of state oversight over her spending and travel practices, the treatment of special education students, and possible conflicts of interest involving the state Economic Development Authority (EDA) that has awarded more than $100 million in construction funds to Newark charter schools.

Rice has twice demanded state-appointed superintendent Cami Anderson appear before his committee to answer the questions but she blew off his invitations twice—including when she traveled to California to attend a conference, part of her disappearance from Newark in the run-up to the mayoral election.

“The lack of information, transparency, and accountability by Superintendent Cami Anderson and her administrators has raised much concern by the public regarding the sale of the 18the Avenue School building, the ‘One Newark’ plan, the igh salaries and raised provided to her staff, her relationship with consultants as well as the superintendent’s continuous travel out of state to conferences rather than being in the district to address the problems of the Newark Public Schools,” Rice wrote.

For five months, Rice has asked these questions and they have been reported in the media–including, at times, the main-stream media. Clearly, state education officials, law enforcement authorities and financial regulators have done everything they can to ignore the questions.

This is surprising. Acting Attorney General John Hoffman doesn’t have to wait to open an inquiry into possible wrong-doing that comes to his attention through the media. One would have suspected that the antennae of Acting Comptroller Marc Larkins would have been vibrating with curiosity when he heard of the $53 million deficit Anderson created at the Newark schools.

Most surprising, perhaps, is the reluctance of Acting Education Commissioner David Hespe to get involved in an area that is his direct responsibility. If even a fraction of Rice’s allegations had any validity, Hespe would be legally required at least to open some sort of inquiry. While we hear second-hand reports about Hespe’s concern about Anderson’s often bizarre behavior and laughable management skills, so far the commissioner–a lawyer with an excellent reputation–has failed to act.

Perhaps the Christie administration is just scandal fatigued–from Bridgegate to Pensiongate. Or it is covering this one up. Or, perhaps, because Rice represents Newark and the residents of Newark are often treated as colonial subjects rather than citizens. Whatever the reason, the result is a Cami cover-up.

Rice has become increasingly frustrated with the failure of Anderson to respond to his invitations and to the failure, so far, of the legislative leadership to grant his committee subpoena power to conduct his own investigation.

The senator also has reported that Republican members of his committee have reported to him that Anderson has refused to take their calls. She was appointed by Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican.

The complete text of Rice’s letter, plus an index showing the salaries of her top aides, can be found at Dropbox at


Many of the questions raised by Rice’s letter were generated by articles about the so-called “Pink Hula Hoop” corporation, a for profit company established by leaders of TEAM Academy charter schools in order to facilitate the purchase of the 18th Avenue school, closed  by Anderson two years ago. Stories here about “Pink Hula Hoop” showed the close connections among Anderson, former state education commissioner Christopher Cerf, TEAM Academy trustee chairman Tim Carden, and officials of the state Economic Development Authority—an agency Carden served as a member.

The executive director of the EDA is Michele Brown, a close friend and aide to Christie who borrowed money from him when he was the US Attorney. The EDA pumped money into Newark’s charter schools while the state’s School Development Authority withheld funds to build and repair Newark public schools.





  1. Bob, Please don’t let this part of the story die. We need the main stream media to take this story on. Bob because of your reporting we have a deeper understanding….Thank You Bob

  2. It is too bad it took Senator Rice so long to write this letter, but even if they open an investigation, I think it will get buried. Gov Christie needs to prove he can do corporate education reform just like he needs to prove he can break the unions (part of the same bundle of gaining support from the right leaning Republicans). He does not care about collateral damage (our state, our children, our teachers, our families). It is not likely that we will see much of a response to this letter – Mark Larkins is a seat warmer, and like the others you mention, serve at the will of a Governor who is trying to deflect the Bridgegate scandal by tanking our economy. They have a very simple job description – do not rock the Governor’s boat.

  3. A rat’s nest?
    A cesspool?
    A racketeering enterprise?
    A network of Ivy League sociopaths?

    Please feel free to suggest any other metaphors for these nasty facsimiles of human beings…

  4. Is still all about Christie and he does not back down easily. We also know what he does to his opposition when given the opportunity. We shall see. I hope this leads to something positive such as the resignation of Anderson and the return of local control to Newark. Even if they declare victory and retreat, appointing another state superintendent, it would be a plus for Newark.

  5. This is the same EDA that gave away over 400 million in tax credits to corporations just this month!
    If Christie really wanted to help the citizens, he could give them a property tax credit for 2014-15 instead of just cancelling the property tax rebate!

  6. I believe that in the light of state officials’ refusal to respond to not only the community but to a state Senator’s requests for an investigation of wrongdoing in Newark, citizens should write and call both Hespe’s and the Attorney General’s offices to request action and let them know that the public (if not most of the mainstream media) is paying attention to this matter.
    Acting Commissioner David Hespe’s office: (609) 292-4450
    Acting Attorney General John Hoffman’s office: (609) 292-8740

    P.S. I called Rice’s office yesterday to leave a message thanking the Senator for his work and specifically his letter to the Attorney General. If you want to do likewise:
    Rice’s office: (973) 371-5665

  7. Senator Rice is to be commended for his perseverance and strength….and thank you Bob for continuing to illuminate what is happening under Cami Anderson’s (lack of)leadership.

    Your quote says it all:
    “…Anderson’s often bizarre behavior and laughable management skills…”

  8. Because you have to OPRA the information it took a while to get all this put together,most of it was done Thru the NTU,then it needed to be legally checked,we still don’t have all the info.Next we are doing a full review of Cami’s contract it is a real eye opener.

  9. Sure seems like the feds should get involved and look at possible racketeering.

  10. Her lack of teaching experience (or ‘in a school’ experience) and ‘school site leadership’ might explain why she’s so insensitive to the needs of students, families, teachers, and all the rest of the people who her idealism affects so destructively. Her idealism has propelled her into making terribly poor decisions; maybe it all looked good on paper but lives of children, families, and the rest should not be casualties in her experiment. Her runaway idealism, inexperience, insensitivity have proven her to be incompetent for a job of this magnitude.

    (5/24 -Now to fire administrators of a top performing high school? I can’t even wrap my brain around the thought of it!)

  11. Clearly Senator Ronald Rice has proven to be the one of the very, very few politicians in New Jersey with courage.
    Why do we expect and accept so little from our elected officials? Will honor ever matter again in New Jersey?

    Bob Braun: He does have courage and he does have honor. His problem is he represents a generally powerless constituency. I would like to see him, Ras, John Sharpe James, Dick Codey, Tom Giblin and others form a united anti Joe D, anti-Norcross, anti-Christie front and start to take power back from the wusses in the Legislature. I think it could be done.

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