Pictures from a museum

A lynching, Marion, Indiana, August 7, 1930.

I don’t intend to describe the National Museum of African American History and Culture here, or even to try to describe my reaction to it. I will simply post the pictures I took. I only took a few. The choices of those pictures represent my reaction.






Stained glass window damaged in the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL, September 15, 1963. Four children were killed.












Shackles used in the Middle Passage
A Klan rally. Could it have been in New Jersey?










The late Amiri Baraka with Stokely Carmichael and H. Rap Brown. Posted here as a reminder that, before it became a plaything for Republicans and their “choice” theories for schools, Newark was the center of black resistance.












I did not have time to see the entire museum. I didn’t get to see the upper floors that may have been less dispiriting. I spent too much time in the subterranean levels, the history levels, reading about how European nations amassed great wealth from the slave trade–and wondering about the total eradication of the Muslim influences that must have come west with the slaves. All I read about as a child was the “Negro spiritual” based in Old Testament stories. It’s extraordinary how a nation goes about pretending its history was something other than it really was. I know it won’t happen-especially not now in a nation governed by overt Klan sympathizers, white nationalists and other racists–but special holidays and grants should be set aside to ensure every child in the nation spends a day through the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
























  1. We really need Truth (& Peace) and Reconciliation Commissions as regards the US’s terrible history with African Americans and the original peoples of the country. They would need to be separate commissions for each groups of peoples since the issues are so vast and complex.

  2. Bob- I’ve heard that this is a very difficult ticket right now- did you need a reservation or advanced purchase?

    Bob Braun: Admission is free, but timed reservations are required and are now available for dates in August. However, every morning you can go on line and order same-day tickets first-come,, first-serve while supplies last. My son, who lives in DC, got on line at 6:30 am Sunday and scored four entry passes for us. By 6:36 am, all tickets for that day were gone.

  3. Off topic
    Dear Bob,
    1. Has anything happened with the proposal to run certain NP schools as Community Schools?
    2. What has C Cerf accomplished as NPS state-appointed Superintendent now that he’s there, what almost two years? Is the drinking water even fixed?

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