Link for Baraka letter to Cami Anderson

“As Mayor of the City of Newark, I demand your immediate resignation as State Appointed School Superintendent of the Newark Public Schools.”

The Newark mayor, citing what he said were her “circumventions” of the law, demands Cami Anderson resign immediately. Mayor Ras Baraka sends copies to Gov. Chris Christie, who appointed Anderson in 2011, and state Education Commissioner David Hespe who, despite private criticisms, has publicly praised her and awarded her a new contract.

This is the letter: BARAKALETTER.JPG

  1. Not that I think it would do much good, but he should have sent copies to Obama and Arne Duncan as well. There should be federal investigations of Anderson’s policies and practices in Newark (we’ve heard rumblings about such investigations but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of progress to show). Cami’s hi-jinks are going to have long lasting and damaging effects on Newark students, families and teachers for years to come and the longer it takes to get rid of her, the more damage will be done.

    Bob Braun: He already wrote to the President, outlining some of the same issues he outlined in this letter.

  2. As a Parent of a child who attends Barringer Highschool, I was appalled at the overcrowded classes, the lack ofcommunication parents and the administration and overwhelmed that the honors classes were nonexistent along with the number of certified teachers And these teachers need resources!

  3. One of the unstated goals of One Newark is to replace highly qualified certified teachers with TFA and subs and to force teachers to work outside of their certification.

  4. Forcing teachers to work out of their certifications is an effort to later fire them.

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