Hey, New Jersey: You people wanted him, you people got him.

ChristietiredBarbara Buono was treated by New Jersey’s Democratic leadership as if she suffered from a contagious disease.  She had one—she was a woman unafraid of Chris Christie in a state where many men leading the Democratic Party hid behind the big man’s shadow.

If courage ever spread through state politics, where would  hapless satraps like Joe DiVincenzo be? How would George Norcross and his puppet Steve Sweeney ever get to rule South Jersey as their own personal fiefdom, complete with its own university and system of voucher schools? Where would cynical religious types get the money to run their  charter  schools?

What would happen to the political ambitions of professional opportunists like Cory Booker?

Courage has got to be stamped out before it spreads—and Christie and his Democratic tail-waggers got a big start Tuesday night.

About 400 people, maybe half of them professionally indifferent media types, crammed into Novita’s  in Metuchen Tuesday night to bear witness to the conclusion of, in its way, the biggest political sellout since  the end of Reconstruction gave us Jim Crow laws.  Sorry, that’s not an exaggeration— by betraying  Barbara Buono, New Jersey’s Democrats have unleashed on the nation a right wingnut who will campaign as an oxymoron, a Republican moderate. And could become president.

Chris Christie is a dangerous man.

But, gee whiz, guys and gals, wouldn’t it just be totally and awesomely cool to have a real Jersey guy become president? Think of all “hits” the dying, increasingly digitized newspapers in the state would receive writing about him? Might rival the Kardashians as a trender.

If Chris Christie, someone who couldn’t be re-elected freeholder, whose brother bought him the US Attorney’s office,  who used the machinery of federal prosecutions to eliminate his rivals, who incited hatred against teachers and other public employees, who presided over unemployment and property tax  increases, who made the poor poorer and the rich richer, who made publicly abusing women a new professional sport in New Jersey—becomes president of the United States, we have one group to blame:

The leadership of New Jersey’s Democrats.

And Christie’s bosom Sandy pal, Barack Obama.

Not since the Senate confirmed Clarence Thomas’s nomination to the US Supreme Court, has the stink of misogynistic betrayal wafted so strongly over the national political scene.  Buono was humiliated, sold out, dissed,  patronized, treated like a back-bencher by her own party. Think it had anything to do with her gender? Obama could come to New York City to campaign for Bill DeBlasio—but he couldn’t cross the river for Barbara Buono?

Did Obama want Christie to win?

“A lot of people have a lot of explaining to do,’’ said  Rush Holt. “A lot of explaining.’’

Beginning with why he and  Frank Pallone were the only members of the congressional delegation to show up at Buono’s political wake. Ok, so I don’t know what a lot of New Jersey pols look like, but most of the only familiar faces  I saw in the small crowd at Novita’s were those of reporters. Glad they finally took an interest in her campaign.

Sure, she ran a terrible campaign, But that’s a little like blaming hit-and-run victims for standing in front of cars.  The election schedule was rigged by Christie. Buono had no money. She had no logistical support. Even most of the Democratic lights who did turn out for her did so half-heartedly. Does anyone believe Christie would have won if it were not for the people who gave him enough money to use this campaign to  begin his ascendancy?

She was a serious candidate with no support. He was a buffoon with money and fawning media. David Koch’s “Our kind of guy.”

Tuesday night,  Buono  offered some brave words about the “old boys’ club” and “kicking in the door.”  And then she disappeared into the Metuchen night, a woman broken by the machinations of men who wouldn’t share their power ranger toys.

To me, the face of 2013 campaign won’t be that of an angry Christie. It will be the oddly glazed-over stare of Mary Pat Christie, her cold, heartless grin somehow demonstrating both slavish loyalty and cruel contempt while Her Man verbally eviscerates a public school teacher and other enemies of the state.

I’ve seen that look before. My son was a high school wrestler. I remember moms standing up at the bleachers during matches,  cheering on their boys, yelling “Kill him, kill him!”  in support of their sons.

Will we all become Mary Pat Christie?

Hey, New Jersey–you people wanted him. You people got him.

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  1. How does he get a 60% approval on the economy when he sabotaged the ARC tunnel project (6000 jobs), cut the earned income tax credit for the working class, ended the property tax rebate, sent half a billion education dollars back to Washington, and presided over stagnant unemployment figures while surrounding states improved. The only people who benefited economically were/are the wealthy elites of which he is one.
    In normal times he would have been rejected, but we live under the influence of reality TV.
    Then there’s the Boss Norcross cartel that benefited greatly with his transference of funds from public to private schools. And how many government insurance policies were sold to the State by Norcross or one of his subsidiaries?

    1. Why? Because people either gave him props for his handling post-Sandy (nowhere near perfect) or they were blind to the facts.

    2. Whenever a Democrat is elected, he/she is hailed as a uniter, and Republicans are hailed as mavericks. Chris Christie, though far from perfect, has proven to unite the people of NJ, and the Dems can’t stand it. A Republican, even a RINO, can never be a uniter because that might lead to . . . oh no . . . a Republican White House!

      Bob Braun: George W. Bush, a uniter? That worked out well. Attacks on the homeland. Massive debt. Constant war. And, oh, yes, I forgot, the Crash of 2007-2008.

    3. Perhaps because your facts are from the BB fact sheet and not reality. 4 Balanced Budgets, Largest pension payment in history, tax stabilization and 142,000 new private sector jobs.

      Bob Braun: And your “facts” come from Christie ads. I’d just point out one big lie–every state budget is balanced and has been for at least 50 years–as long as I’ve been a journalist–because the state Constitution requires it. So Corzine’s budgets were balanced. McGreevey’s budgets were balanced, Whitman’s–on and on. To claim this as an achievement is a big fat lie.

  2. Powerful piece, Mr. Braun. I’ve missed your words in my now-cancelled Ledger subscription.

    New Jersey has dwindled under the current administration, and the hateful leadership will only continue to worsen now as he has 4 years to prove just what a powerful, right-wing leader he can be. We have no recourse but to brace ourselves as our grip on middle class life slips while we watch the rich and powerful become more so.

    Bob Braun: I am sorry you canceled your subscription to The Star-Ledger. The reporters and photographers there do a great job despite difficult conditions. They are working stiffs just like us and are not responsible for the newspaper’s editorial positions.

  3. Agree wholeheartedly – would expand to say that not only Dems were to blame, there was a collapse of all “progressive” institutions, much along the lines that CHris Hedges wrote about in “Death of the Liberal Class”.

    BTW, re “dangerous”, I wrote this in May 2011:

    Christie Princeton Speech – A Dangerous Demagogue


  4. Here’s what they got – wrote this after the Inaugural:

    Christie’s Authoritarian Shock Doctrine for NJ – Inaugural Symbols and Executive Orders Reveal an Authoritarian


  5. And you can keep him, New Jersey. Because I will work tirelessly to make sure that this narcissistic bully never becomes our President. Evah.

  6. Thankfully the Democrats held the legislature so there will at least be a speed bump between Christie and his using New Jersey as his right-wing policy experimentation lab. Of course, given the quality of Democrats in this state I won’t rest easily until this clown has resigned his office in order to fight other Republicans for a change.

    Another bright spot last night was the exit poll revealing that New Jerseyans would support Hillary Clinton by 48-44 over Christie in 2016. And that’s before his own party tears him to shreds. Not YET worried about Christie’s presidential campaign. He’ll surely have Wall Street squarely behind him but that’s not enough. Obama will not lift a finger, as in order to get the GOP nomination Christie will have to run hard against the Obama presidency and Washington in general.

    Bob Braun: Hope you’re right.

  7. Your pompous tirade above is exactly what you see when you tell a 2 year old he cant have what he wants…he kicks, whines and screams out about how unfair it is. You chalk up Buono’s loss to fellow democrats abandoning her while at the same time you admit she ran a terrible campaign, did you ever think that maybe she was just a terrible candidate? We, the public, do not need Barack Obama or Joe Biden to tell us who to vote for. Maybe you choose to be a sheep and allow others to decide for you who your candidate will be, but not the rest of us. I also find it humorous that you play the gender card; I suppose if the democrat was African American you would play the race card as well. As one of your commenter’s pointed out, exit polls last night showed NJ voters would choose Hillary Clinton 48-44 over Christie…so I guess that would mean that your “I wonder if her gender had anything to do with it.” comment is nothing more than the overused and unoriginal liberal garbage rhetoric that the majority of us have grow tired of. Oh, and Christie rigged the election schedule, right? That statement is so incompetent I shouldn’t even waste my time acknowledging you wrote it…although all you are doing is regurgitating more nonsense that you would only hear on a fast-fading network like MSNBC. I understand politics brings out the worst in people but at the end of the day your candidate lost, as she was expected to. As she would have if she had the same amount of money as Christie did. Take it on the chin and move on. Look at it like this, now you will have more time to watch Bill DeBlasio single-handedly destroy New York City and set it back decades with his head-in-the-sand policies that will transform it back into the cesspool that we all tried to forget from 25-30 years ago.

    Bob Braun: Too bad you won’t leave your name.

    1. Indeed, Christie rigged the schedule by having the Senate election several weeks earlier so Cory Booker would not be on the ballot. I don’t believe Buono would have made up the massive deficit had Booker been on the ballot, but it could have made Christie sweat.

      BTW, I was not thrilled by either major candidate, so I voted for the Green Party ticket. After researching each candidate, the party’s platform was closer to my beliefs. I wish more voters would study everyone instead of just voting R’s and D’s.

    2. Todd, please use common sense one Republican won and that was Chris Christie. This is so sad for those people in New Jersey voting this RAT back in office because he have done nothing for the people that lost everything during Sandy storm. Christ Christie pocket that money but he did replace the amusement park which did bring money to the state, what happen later? fire took it away because God know Christie is a liar and don’t give a damn about the people in his state having a hard time. You Todd, can say anything you like about Democrats you will see and it want take a year just what this FAT RAT is about and that’s NOTHING.

      Bob Braun: Thank you for your post.

  8. It was heartbreaking to watch this election spectacle from Florida. Get out of New Jersey and you find even more cluelessness about the politics of Chris Christie and Cory Booker than at home.
    Bob, keep up the sharp writing and thanks for the kind words about the working stiffs at the Star Ledger. In spite of cuts and editorial insanity, its pared down staff does its best. And we don’t want the parent corporation to do our paper what it did to the Times-Picayune in NOLA.

  9. Fantastic piece. The state Dems (particularly the men) have a lot of explaining to do.

    When I walked into the voting booth yesterday, I actually said out loud, “I don’t like anyone on this entire ballot.” It’s a shame. I voted for Buono, but I think she was the Dem’s sacrificial lamb. They knew they couldn’t beat Christie so they put up someone they didn’t care about.

    Bob Braun: Thanks. You would expect, once she is the nominee, the party to do what it could to prevent this debacle. Instead, they almost all ran–and a good number publicly supported Christie.

  10. Bob, Your column is beautifully written and right on track in every way. I could not believe the editorial in the Ledger a week ago, which listed many of the areas of failure for Christie and then went on to endorse him. As a former teacher myself and the wife of a teacher of nearly 40 years now retired, I have been astounded from practically Day One of Christie’s governorship to see him scapegoating the teachers, firefighters, and police as the causes for all of NJ’s problems. My husband still has in his possession the letter he received from Christie during his 2009 campaign, stating that he would never touch the pensions of current, future or retired teachers and blaming Corzine’s administration for spreading such “lies”. FYI, in fact, now that the system has been “reformed”, my husband will not receive a cost of living increase until the pension system is solvent, at which point he will be 100 years old. Oh, and that cold, heartless grin you see on Mary Pat’s face is the same one as in the photo that made the rounds of social media this week as she watched Christie bully and tell off a female teacher who asked why he calls NJ schools failure factories, when in fact academic achievement is among the highest in the nation. He is not a friend of public workers or the working poor or the middle class or the environment or women.

    Bob Braun: Thanks for this note. Even last night, Christie said New Jersey has a broken school system. I know this will surprise the Ivy League colleges that compete for the state’s graduates. If you tell a lie and it is big enough and repeat it often enough, people will begin to believe. That’s what the Nazis believed.

  11. Great article. New Jersey has turned into a very stupid state. Very sad. There is no one to trust

  12. Terrific article Mr. Braun! You are absolutely right- the man is dangerous. I put him in the same category as some infamous dictators. Sad and scary.

  13. Buono was to this election what Romney was to the last presidential election. The Democrats knew that they weren’t going to win against Christie, so they put in a weak candidate and looked forward to the next election. Sweeney and/or Norcross have their eyes on the prize. There was NO WAY they were going to throw their hats in the ring against a candidate like Christie. So they are waiting.
    The GOP is grooming Christie for a bid in the next presidential election. They knew he would never win against Obama, so they didn’t even try.
    I expect to see a whole lot more of the Democrat side of Norcross and Sweeney as they start to jockey for position as soon as Christie is gone.

    Bob Braun: George Norcross or his brother Donald, the state senator? George has never held elected office. I agree there was fear about challenging Christie–I think Codey culd have done a creditable job–but the real problem was the failure of the party leadership to support Buono. It goes back for years.

    1. Codey would have done a creditable job. He showed he could when he was acting governor. Had he not gotten out of Corzine’s way, there would have been no Governor Corzine and, likely, no Governor Christie.

      Bob Braun: I agree. Codey must be afraid of something. He could have been the anti-Christie–tough Jersey guy who takes on bullies instead of abusing women.

    2. I don’t know what the Democrats would have to fear by supporting a candidate against Christie. If it’s true that the Dems would trade four years of misery under Christie for the 2016 elections, my disillusionment with the party is complete.

      Bob Braun: I agree. We all know four years can be an eternity in politics because of unexpected changes. Big poo-bahs like Norcross and Joe D cut their own deals. Their actions provided cover for true misogynists and cowards.

  14. There was this pathetic “closing of the ranks” around Christie after Hurricane Sandy I will never understand. I’m glad he requested, pleaded for and demanded emergency funds, but 20 years ago, such actions would not be considered bold decisive bipartisan leadership; it would have been considered bare-bones competency. Literally, The LEAST a Governor Should Do. But much like the sorta-patriotic fervor surrounding Bush post 9/11, it seemed to be considered borderline treasonous to talk smack about Chris Christie, I mean, he shared a copter with Obama. Even BRUCE hugged him! I mean COME ON! He’s everybody’s favorite loudmouthed but lovable uncle, the one you don’t agree with alla time but COME ON!

    You know, a lot of our loudmouthed but lovable uncles are captains of industry, but a lot of ’em also can’t hold down a job.

    2 months ago I swore Buono would give Christie a run for his money, but I never imagined the party on the statewide and national level would leave her hanging like they did.

    Bob Braun: I think a lot of the hero worship of Christie about Sandy was driven by the dying main-stream press trying to take advantage of a story that had all the makings of drama. I was getting emails from my editors talking about how this story would provide copy for ten years. On 9/11, 3,000 died; with Sandy, some 45 people died in New Jersey and more than half of those people were 60 or over and especially susceptible to accidents in the dark. One story I followed was about a nursing home that had no heat or light because the state cut its aid. Didn’t get the kind of play that hero Chris got. Just nature of the beast, I guess.

    1. I agree that what Christie had done post-hurricane was a fundamental part of his job. Way too much of Christie’s campaign press ran on photo opportunities and hugs. He even leaned on hugs during his acceptance speech. To my mind Christie’s election was the second wave of damage coming from Hurricane Sandy.

  15. Great post, Bob. I think you really hit the nail on the head with your criticism of the NJ Dems. Sadly, many are part of a NJ political machine that is not so much party-oriented as it is old-boy-network. Big Boss Norcross owns South Jersey and Christie and his boys own the North. Anyone who seeks power looks to the Big Boys. Women must support the men. If they don’t …. well, look at how Christie treated Loretta Weinberg.

    What has me most disappointed in the outcome of the gubernatorial election is the sheer number of people who have swallowed the lies and stories promoted by Christie and his big-money supporters (who, not coincidentally, own much of the media these days). This speaks volumes about us as a people here in the US. We seek the easy way; we would rather have someone tell us what to think than to think ourselves. We shake our heads at the ‘birthers’, but the lies about the state of public education are just as insane. Yet, so many believe. It’s no wonder a guy like Christie gets elected. He tells us exactly what to believe, and so many swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

    Bob Braun: Thanks for the comment.

  16. Blame democrats? Everyone knows that the new majority sits in the middle. We may register to one party but thats because we are led to believe we only have two choices – and frankly A Republican Moderate or Democratic Conservative is EXACTLY what we need in a president.

    Please people – is this the pity party for the lonely and sad Buono supporters? If there are so many of you who wanted her to win, then she should have won. Period.

    I’d like to take a poll and see how many of you Buono supporting &/or Anti-Christie individuals are either A) part of a union, B)NJEA, C) Are collecting some form of state aid, or D) In a position to collect (or are collecting) a state pension. My guess is 100% of you. Now stop whining.

    My health benefits went up again this year, my cost of living increased, I’m still recovering from my 401k dropping a few years ago, and you don’t hear me complaining.

    You are the same hypocrites that would say “Christie hasn’t done enough in the last 4 years,” and in the same breath that “Obama’s record isn’t great because he was handed a pile of (expletive here) and he needs time to fix it”.

    I voted for Christie and am happy I did. Like many of my friends, I am a libertarian. So blame us.

    B ob Braun: Sounds like you need a union.

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  18. Thank you for expressing my dismay over this sad turn of events. At least I’m not alone in feeling that this was HUGE electoral mistake.

  19. How did you get in my head?? I live in the middle of the Norcross cess pool, Camden County and I only wished that she had run her campaign on that message.

    Bob Braun: Thanks for the message. Norcross inoculated himself early on by endorsing Buono but then he never did anything to help her.

  20. As a teacher of more than 40 yrs. I am making less than I did a few years ago. My health insurance costs are exorbitant and the raise I got in my last contract might as well have been nothing bec. according to my district we are all only worth 7 cents an hour. Christie’s loud-mouthed, nasty, threatening tactics are just more fodder for the rest of the US to take a look at NJ in another negative way. Look at the way their governor acts! They must all be that way. His wife, with that dopey smile on her face, I guess she condones his tirades on women. I would like to meet her F2F and tell her just how disgusting she is. Big deal she works in corporate America. It doesn’t mean she has any brains…just means she might have been lucky to land a job or knew someone…just like our current governor which you mentioned in your article above.

  21. Bob…this forum does not reach enough people. Time for another book or a round of interviews with people like Piers Morgan
    Oh, and I totally agree with you about MaryPat.

    Bob Braun: I’m trying. Just started a few months ago and we’re doing all right so far. Thanks for reading. Tell your friends.

  22. Once again, sir, thank you from the bottom of my dispirited heart. Sometimes, I feel that I am living in Orwell’s 1984. When Christie said that Buono was an angry candidate who was always demeaning people, I was in shock. The Ministry of Truth is alive and well in NJ.

    Bob Braun: I agree with you. The media should not print lies simply because someone says them. Or, at the least, they should correct them. It’s one of the reasons I have ventured out here rather than stay with my newspaper. Thank you for reading this site.

  23. Watching the masses cheer on someone whose behavior is eerily reminiscent of Hitler, Mussolini, etc. is beyond horrifying, so I’ll add my thanks. You’re providing a much-appreciated voice of reason.

    Bob Braun: Thank you for your kind words.

  24. Excellent reading and frustrating at the same time.

    I am chalking up the lack of support for Buono to the rope a dope tactic that Ali used against Foreman. It is the only acceptable way to think about it… the Democrats want Christie to run for President and will unleash is a storm against his incompetence and the actual deterioration of New Jerseys economy. At the same time they will put true viable candidate for President on the ticket that can handle his bluster and give it back to him in spades. Buono was sacrificed for this tactic to win. With such a large win Christie will be over confident. I am just trying to be positive about how this turned out I guess. At least there is not a Republican legislature for Christie to truly run roughshod over the state.

    Bob Braun: Interesting theory. A little risky, though. If the Buono/Christie race had been closer, Christie would still seek the nomination but he would be even more vulnerable.

  25. Love this!
    Someone mention “his right winged agenda will be slowed by the democratic legislature”

    Please go back an read Mr. Braun’s article! I use to have so much respect for Shiela Olliver and other democrats in the legislature. They are awful! Sell outs to the max!

  26. Bob, As one of the other posts indicated, more people need to see this. The voters of NJ are so blinded by Christie’s persona (not sure why), they choose not to believe he has ulterior motives. I will share this through every venue I can. Stay strong. By the way, I’d love to witness a debate between you and the buffoon. You would probably win.

    Bob Braun: Media coverage of celebrities has infected mainstream media’s coverage of politics. It’s grocery store tabloid stuff now printed in conventional newspapers that are dying and are scrambling for some way to survive in a digital era–combined with slick tv ads that are more like movie trailers. See Neil Postman’s “Amusing Ourselves to Death” and Chris Hedges’ “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle.” It’s nothing new. For his and his master, Joseph Goebbels mastered the art of celebrity politics. Remember the mass rallies in Nuremberg. I fear this nation might have the same end only we might not even notice it because we will be too busy watching Monday Night Football and Entertainment Tonight.

  27. […] deals with issues of importance in New Jersey, it’s well-written and definitely worth a read, as shown in this entry about newly-reelected Republican Gov. Chris Christie. Chris Christie is a dangerous man. But, gee whiz, guys and gals, wouldn’t it just be […]

  28. […] deals with issues of importance in New Jersey, it’s well-written and definitely worth a read, as shown in this entry about newly-reelected Republican Gov. Chris Christie. Chris Christie is a dangerous […]

  29. Reduced services with no reduction of taxes is the great Christie scam. His entire approach as governor has been to burnish his media profile on the national level to propel him to the presidency. His other great scam is as a prosecutor as US Attorney. He followed the dictates of AG Gonzales and prosecuted Democrats while neglecting drug dealers, gun runners, and gangs. His image is bold but not his actions.

  30. Bob, I love this post. A friend sent it to me. I whole heartily agree with your points but I will go 1 further. I think the Dems in NJ by not supporting Buono think they played a neat chess game. They set themselves up for power now (pact with the devil) and for after Christie is gone. Furthermore, by aiding Christie’s run for president in 2016, they have sent a weak NATIONAL candidate and Democrats may just hold on to the white house. Win, win all around.
    Where I do disagree with you is: Barbara Buono did not run a terrible campaign. She did the best with what she had. She also embodies for me, a true person of integrity. A word not used much anymore.

    Bob Braun: My point about the terrible nature of her campaign was that she had no money and no support. No single person can run a campaign. Hers was terrible because it was betrayed by the Democratic leadership, all the way to the White House.

  31. I think Buono could have tried a little harder. She did not even submit a statement to the League of Women Voters to appear on the reverse side of the sample ballot. That’s pretty bad and one reason I voter for a 3rd party candidate instead of her.

  32. Excellent!!! Finally, someone shares what has been happening to Barbara Buono. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for the way they treated Ms Buono-male and female alike.

  33. Column by Charles Stiles about how Christie bought the election by paying off the Dems: http://www.northjersey.com/columnists/Stile_Christies_strategy_of_wooing_key_Democrats_pays_off_big.html

  34. Evidently, the people of New Jersey enjoyed having an egoistically, bloated, loud mouthed, liar as Governor.
    He is a wonderful example for our children and our State!

    As for the “Democrats” that ignored Buono or even cast their support to “The Governor” as he likes to call himself; they should hang their heads in shame. That includes Joe D. the pension grabber and our heedless Leader in Washington! http://teachersdontsuck.blogspot.com/ http://wsautter.com/

    PS – Bob – A great article once again!

    Bob Braun: Thanks.

  35. I’m a Californian and am DISGUSTED with NJ for re-electing this BULLY. I’m a political junkie , and had been following what Barbara Buono was up to. She was an AWESOME debater to me, and for the Spineless and Greedy Dems [from all 50 states]…to sell her out the way they did , only makes me wish we could now get another party in our Gov’t . Tired of the FAKE progressives who claim to be for the PEOPLE…but then turn around and allow this disgusting man to YELL and SPIT in peoples faces while other MORONS look on and cheer his buffoonery. It’s amazing. Also why is it noones speaking about how Barbara Buono had MORE votes cast for her…than Bill DeBlasio in NY had ??? Goes to show you….the media in this country is a JOKE ! And are not real journalists in the least.If it were Cali…he’d be recalled for spending nearly $13m for a Special Election….and then an additional $25m to run campaingn ads. How sick is the people of NJ…to allow that ?! He charged his people for something only HE…benefits from. Crazy… Crazy…. Crazy !

  36. I voted Buono. So did my wife. I voted Rush Holt against Cory Booker in the Dem primary.

    In terms of his 2016 WH run, I say go for it, Chris. Let’s see how he withstands serious scrutiny over his past lobbying efforts, his connections to Bernie Madoff, his finagling the SEC investigation so that his brother wasn’t indicted, his padding his US attorney expense accounts, his handing state contracts to his buddies, etc.

    Bob Braun: I hope you’re right. I’ve seen too many Teflon politicians, too many sell-out journalists.

  37. I did not read past the headline—yet. I will, when I am ready. Meanwhile, I speak for many (sadly, not enough) New Jersey voters who were not fooled, who did not want nor vote for Mr. Christie, and who got him anyway. Sigh. Not happy, lots of work to be done.

    Bob Braun: Now is not the time to give up.

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