GUEST–Trump’s alluring racism, narcissism, xenophobia, and megalomania

trumpashitlerTrump is a lump

A normal bump?


More like a cancer

For which there’s no answer.

But for excision,

No other decision

Is likely to cure

The strange allure

Of racism,




Nothing robs

The ugly mobs’

Obnoxious attraction

to knee-jerk reaction

From a pathetic bully.

Incompetent? Fully?

Misogynistic rants;

Admired by miscreants.

A dangerous precedent

He must not be president.


–Dwart Farquard IV (a pseudonym)


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  1. 1. What happens now re IRS audit of Trump’s tax returns? Will investigators be able to finish researching Melania’s work status for her early US modeling contracts?
    2. Will all the Trump family wear clothing made in the USA for inauguration?
    Let’s declare Jan 20 “Wear USA made clothing day.”

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