1. Why is there not a clear understanding and discussion by the Times, the Post, CNN and other news media pundits that this was an act of sabotage perpetrated directly against the American public, putting people in danger, and causing not only inconvenience but actual death due to negligence by blocking ambulances (despite whatever “spiteful” reason there might have been due to any perceived political disrespect by the Mayor toward Christie) and should be dealt with as a criminal action that is on the level of a terrorist act? It must be seen as a terrorist act perpetrated by our own elected officials and their entourage against the American public. Who would accept this sort of behavior and not prosecute this as anything other than a criminal terrorist act against the public if it were carried out by any regular person? Where are our ethics as a society not to call these politicians out for their lack of regard for the American public??? Why are we not outraged and taking action when elected officials are clearly not working on behalf of the people, rather they are working against them. Were they not elected to protect and serve? Why not call them out, impeach and prosecute them?

  2. An incisive and biting commentary on the state of public education and the bill of goods that is being handed to us by the so-called “reformers”.

  3. did you get my long comment?

  4. CAMI Anderson the so called Superintendent of Newark has run out of funds. She is running on borrowed money. She has a huge deficit going in the planning of the next school year. How will she explain all the overspending? She will have to blame it on someone. Why not the Administrators of the schools? She has already told some of them they have overspent their budgets for this year and will have to be cut next year by layoffs and other much needed items. The administrators are in shock,,,,,they all their budgets and some underspent. Here goes CAMI once again looking for someone to blame……it is CAMI who over spent with unlimited lawyers fees, assistance salaries, additional staff who happen to be her friends from New York and of course the lunches and glasses of nice cold wine. It was you CAMI , you spent the money no one else…give back your raise and bonus, or some of that high salary…..give those administrators their contract they have been waiting for. It has been. Five or six years with a frozen salary. Even you received a cost of living raise.. Pack up CAMI…you did enough damage…Newark can never recover after all you have destroyed…..

  5. You wrote “Let’s remember that teachers are, by law, required to report suspicions about child abuse. Teachers, by nature and by their choice of profession, are protective of children even if what threatens the kids falls short of something like child abuse.” I could argue that it require a law to report abuse. After all, average people report child abuse without the force of law. So, come on, that’s not really a good argument. But I don’t want to put teachers down – I’m just making a point about how blindly reporters give their support – without any real critical analysis.
    I fully support teachers, and I am of the age where I was one of the activists that implemented better compensation and benefits for teachers. My kids have had some amazing teachers, but my mixed race grandchildren have also been called names by a teacher or cast as the “slave” in the school play. They are good students, just the wrong color. But I will stipulate that almost all teachers are good teachers and caring of the kids. I am very good at my job, too, but I am subjected to rigorous performance testing – all the time.

    The “prep fear” that they are now using as an argument to stop measuring their performance was initiated by the school administrators. Think about that. They didn’t have the faith that testing without prep would produce good results!! They can stop it at any time they like. No one is forcing them. And honestly, if they didn’t over-react to the tests, they’d likely have found that the test results would have been quite satisfactory. And if not, the results would almost definitely have resulted in nothing except increased spending for better books, PCs for all children, the list is endless.

    And it still can work out that way. Keep the PARCC and forbid prepping. We need real results, not the results of high-pressure cramming. And you in the press, do your job and stop pandering.

  6. I have called Governor Christie’s office a half dozen times this week and Vincent Finellis and his people don’t have time in their schedule to talk about what is going on in Newark Public Schools! Are they planning another “Bridgegate” or are they working on the CC’s presidential campaign on our dime??!!!

  7. Hey Mr. Braun, check this badboy out: The Jersey Discharge

  8. Democratic Senators, perceived as progressives, like Sherrod Brown, Al Franken, Corey Booker and Elizabeth Warren support the privatization of public schools. They either voted for the recent confirmation of the privatizing US Secretary of Education, John King, or expressed support for him.
    Only 1 Democratic senator voted against the confirmation.

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