Cami’s Newark enrollment plan collapses in the heat

The implementation of the deeply flawed “One Newark” student-dispersal program all but collapsed Thursday as the state administration’s highly paid bureaucrats kept hundreds of angry and frustrated  parents and children waiting in un-airconditioned school rooms or outside in 90+ heat to register their children for the few remaining public school seats. Just hours into the chaos, Newark school officials locked the doors to Newark Vocational and told the men, women, and children waiting outside to come back at 5 a.m. the next morning.

Marisol Mendez who unsuccessfully tried to help her children, Emily, 9, and Carlos, 14.
Marisol Mendez who unsuccessfully tried to help her children, Emily, 9, and Carlos, 14.

The people in line outside shouted angrily at the bureaucrats and demanded a “number”–as shoppers do at meat markets–and the chance to get inside so they could plan for their children’s education. Many said they could not return the next day because they had taken the day off from working and couldn’t take another day.

“The people downtown have no idea how the people of Newark work,” says Frankie Adao, the head of the Newark Parents Union, who witnessed the chaos. “They don’t understand they have to work, they have to be places and arrange for child care. I hope this wakes up many of the parents who didn’t think ‘One Newark’ had anything to do with them. Now they know.”

The “One Newark” plan was devised by Cami Anderson, the $300,000-a-year state-imposed superintendent who is consistently praised, despite her incompetence, by the man who appointed (and just reappointed) her, Gov. Chris Christie. It was developed in secret with the help of charter school operators and former Mayor Cory Booker using consltants who were paid millions in fees to devise the scheme. It empties and closes public schools and enhances the fortunes of private, charter school operators.

All the parents had stories to tell about the cruelty inflicted by the Anderson/Christie regime on the often poor and predominantly black and Hispanic residents of Newark. Typical was the story told by Marisol Mendez who came to the “One Newark” registration day to find placements for her 14-year-old son, Carlos Perez, and 9-year-old daughter, Emily Perez. The family lives in the North Ward and the children attended Abington Avenue but, when they applied under Anderson’s “One Newark” plan, Carlos, a special education student, they were  assigned to West Side High School and Emily was sent to a South Ward school.

“The placements were inappropriate for both of the children,” says Mendez. “My daughter is not going to take NJ Transit across town and my son needs a self-contained, special education class. He has had one all of his school career.”

Mendez tried to get answers from both the NPS administration and from charter schools. But, she says, two charter school operators–Newark Prep and K-12–told her they couldn’t take special education students. When she tried to speak to bureaucrats downtown, she received this shocking answer:

“They told me I should home-school my children.”

The treatment of Mendez’s family is consistent with the policies embraced by Christie and Anderson since the governor and Booker, a nationally known champion of charter and voucher schools, arranged to have Anderson come in as superintendent in 2011.

Anderson is closing the neighborhood schools. The charters are picking up students with the least problems while those with the greatest need–like special education students–are assigned to what is left of the public school stock.

“I am going to be spending the rest of the day trying to find a lawyer,” says Mendez. “I’m not going to stop until I have the right placement for my son.”

A few days ago, Anderson circulated information that an enrollment center would be set up at the West Kinney School. The center was supposed to be open from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

But, when Mendez got there about 7:30, there already were about 500 people in front of her. Each family was handed a number and told to report to an overheated gymnasium or auditorium. Mendez’ number was 713.

Families were called singly and, by the time the day was half-over, the bureaucrats had seen fewer than 100 families. Then they decided to lock the doors, enraging people who had waited outside for hours for a number.

“Imagine the scene,” says Adao. “Children of all ages, outside in the hot sun or inside without water, crying and screaming, and some of the people from downtown were really nasty.”

Newly-elected Mayor Ras Baraka showed up at the scene but, at first, was kept away from the angry crowds outside and in the overheated auditorium. Eventually, however, he did get to meet with the parents and children suffering from the heat and Anderson’s ineptitude. Parents cheered him and pleaded for action.

The process is expected to continue for days and into next week. But one of Newark’s education leaders warned it was only the beginning of the problems face by Newark parents even before school opens Sept. 4.

“This isn’t a registration process,” says Leonard Pugliese, the executive director of the City Association of School Administration (CASA). “This is simply an assignment process. These children and their parents now have to go to the individual schools and register–and that’s no small thing.”

He also pointed out that the “bigger picture” involved the question of whether the “recklessly implemented” plan–causing anger and pressure throughout the system–would actually end up with children receiving the most appropriate assignments.


(Note to Readers: I was not in Newark today but in Washington, DC. I put this story together from eye-witness accounts and telephone interviews).


  1. If this occurred in an affluent neighborhood, the mainstream media would be all over it. This is disgusting.

  2. It’s absolutely appalling to read about the bumbling mismanagement of NPS by this administration. The disregard and disrespect shown towards the children and parents of Newark reeks of arrogance, insensitivity and possibly racism. I can’t imagine Christie and company ever treating suburban families — where he shows up for town hall meetings before adoring crowds — with such disdain.

  3. Even from a distance you can put together an accurate accoubt of what took place today, kudos to you Bob!

    But for Leonard Pugliese to commenti about the students’ fate and their parents’ frustration, is ludicrous ! He nor CASA have dealt with the loss of stellar school administrators, formerly known as Department Chairpersons, who were ousted, because of their age, race & salary…but since they are no longer pay dues to CASA, they’ve fallen off CASA’s radar & left to fight their own battles, by hiring lawyers, just like Ms. Mendez. The One Newark Plan has impacted everyone – either emotionally and/or financially – but for Cami & her devout cronies, including Mr. Pugliese, it’s been a win-win, money making endeavor, the rest of us are paying for. The end.

  4. A sign outside the arts high school reads, “Attend today, Achieve tomorrow” The only thing is the state run district will not tell you where, or if at all, your child can attend school. This has to stop.

  5. Bob, I was there today… was a complete meltdown…

    1. She got to go that Lady has caused nothing but chaos .She is the causing of me getting laid off in 2013 from the board and Iam still out of work this whole situation is just sad.

  6. That needs to be looked into and why those parents still do not have a school. Should not have to go to the school as a parent to get registered, it should come from central office. This is not college. What is the educational status of those students; special needs or 504’s? that against the law to deny them public access to public schools.

  7. Let’s be perfectly clear about this. The debacle that took place today was not a school “registration” process. It was a school “assignment” process. In spite of the spin put out there by Anderson, all that is taking place now is the dealing out of students to schools, just like a card dealer deals out cards. EACH ONE OF THESE STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES MUST STILL GO THROUGH THE REGISTRATION PROCESS AT THE SCHOOL TO WHICH THEY WERE DEALT. ANOTHER CIRCUS AT THE SCHOOL SITES…

    Also, in Anderson’s attempt to quickly get these families out of the street and away from the press, what is the likelihood that the student’s educational programs will be appropriate? This is especially true for students with special needs.

    This is an abomination…

  8. As I was at a workshop for Newark Schools today in an unairconditioned school on the third floor roasting I checked the NPS website. It said that due to excessive lines, parents should try to come next week to register their kids for school. It also lists the schools where there are openings and for the grades where there are openings. I guess parents can choose what school across town they want their kids to go to, although there may not be openings for all their kids at the same school. Truly- why is no other media source paying attention here!!! I have not seen one thing written about this fiasco in the ledger!! Yikes! Parents need to know what is going on!!

  9. This is only the tip of the iceberg,Many of the parents were treated with disdain and even contempt for trying to find a school for their children,one of Cami youth group,said you don’t like it go to the Governor he likes it the way it is and he is in charge.

  10. We have a whole city of children and parents being abused and underserved. Where are the stalwarts of racial justice AKA Sharpton and Jackson? I guess not important enough.

  11. Newark parents – time to make your voices heard to your Board of Ed., Supt. the Gov. and to Arne Duncan, Sec. of Education. As parents and taxpayers all these people work for you. You and your children still have rights in this country. Represent for your children, Moms, Dads and Grandparents!

  12. […] the latest — a post from Bob Braun titled Cami’s Newark enrollment plan collapses in the heat, with these being the first two […]

  13. This is totally appalling. How are these schools allowed to exist when they do not accept classified students? That is in direct violation of a Free and Appropriate Public Education. Every child is entitled to FAPE. Do these charter schools accept IDEA funding? If so, they are in another direct violation. If they accept IDEA funding they MUST accept classified students. Something to investigate. What is going in here is disgusting. Every parent with an IEP should file an investigation and due process hearing against Newark for not providing a proper place to educate their children.

    1. Although, would parents want a child who has IEP at a charter school given (1)that the faculty may be less experienced and (2)as we’ve seen from Jersey Jazzman posts, the attrition rate for Newark charters is high? JJ would have to make a new graph to show % of IEP students “counseled out.”

  14. Source1 is right folks. The word games Cami & Co. are playing tells you everything you need to know. According to NPS, “the enrollment process gives everyone an equal chance at getting into an excellent school.” You see, it doesn’t guarantee anything. It just gives everyone at equal opportunity; like– affirmative action. Oh, wait.

    The One Newark enrollment initiative only tells parents their child or their children have been “matched” to a school. Cami’s a regular Tevye. Waitaminute.

    It doesn’t matter whether or not the child is enrolled. They still have to register the child. I’m willing to speculate Cami’s Cronies didn’t bother to make sure that those points were clarified anywhere on that Monopoly-paper-money colored “application.” Makes me wonder whether or not parents would be better off bribing the same NPS administrators responsible for this spectacle with actual Monopoly money.

    Registration does have to happen at the school to which the student has been matched. And you can imagine, the registration process will require address verification, orientation, and whatever else the school requires. Registration is not the Vegas instant-wedding, mistake and anullment One Newark turned out to be.

  15. More proof that the Republican’s do not know how to govern. Why would they? They do not believe that government can do anything.
    It started with Reagan:
    “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.
    Ronald Reagan

  16. Bob,

    We know that in the past Cami Anderson has sent out written communications that were considered somewhat insensitive to the Newark community. In my attempt to assist her to communicate her “One Newark” school assignment process clearly, and with sensitivity, I offer the following draft letter for her use. She has my permission to use the draft, if she sees fit.

    Dear (Parent Name)

    Congratulations! Because you are a resident of Newark, your child has been selected as a potential candidate for enrollment within the State School System Located In Newark (formerly “The Newark School System”). We are excited about the upcoming school year, and particularly excited about the implemention of a new program to more effectively deliver educational resources to our community, a program we call “One Newark”.

    In an effort to facilitate the school registration of your child, “One Newark” has streamlined the process. No longer will your child simply be required to appear in person at his or her local school on the first day of classes. Instead, you, the parent ,will be invited to spend an afternoon with us at a local gymnasium where you and hundreds of other parents will have the opportunity to inquire of us how exactly the “One Newark”registration is to occur. This one-on-one dialogue between parents and the staff is designed to promote parent involvement, a key component of scholastic success. We envision that this first step in the enrollment process will take no longer than an entire afternoon, and we are confident that we will be able to secure a gymnasium that is air conditioned, though we seek your patience and understanding if we are not.

    Step two of the enrollment process is equally straightforward. Once you,the parent, have received notification of the school your child might potentially attend, you and your child will be required to physically appear at the school with hundreds of other parents on a specified date. At that time and place every effort will be made to complete the enrollment process with you. We are hopeful that all enrollments will be completed by the beginning of the school year, though the technical definition of “school year” may need to be modified if that proves impossible.

    Step three of the process will involve your child actually going to school. For the first two or three months of the school year children will be excused from appearing on time at school, since we do understand that a period of time may be required before parents and students can locate their schools and devise effective and efficient methods of traveling there each morning.

    On behalf of Governor Chris Christie and the entire staff of “One Newark” , welcome! We know that for you and your child this will be a school year you will never forget!


  17. Outrageous is an understatement, but for the lack of a better term to describe the unconscionable manner in which the complete dismantling of education is occurring. It is a complete farce, in the name of improvement, this is what the state, which believes Newark has done and will do such a terrible job of managing its own educational system, has conjured. Needless to say, we are aware the dilemma is not completely about best practices, it is about money and control. It really should not take any more convincing that more aggressive and assertive action to make the elected officials move on this is crucial. Although some may have their opinion that the unions, like CASA have been representing the cause, they really have a lot more to do. The administrators pay into the dues to be a part of the CASA union and they are just as vulnerable in this mess and are left alone to deal with the plight of their own livelihood and professional reputation. The administrators have been working without a contract for years because CASA and central office can’t come to some kind of agreeable terms? Administrators are being treated like rag dolls being shuffled from one place to the other, or no place at all, being parked down at Central Office. The administrators had to reapply for their jobs that they were already doing with the possibility that they will be rejected and no longer have a job. There are many accounts of administrators who had schools they were working in, have had favorable ratings, and somehow go through two rounds of all day interviews, just to be told a week before school starts they did not pass the interview process—for a job they already had. Now individuals in this situation have to find a job elsewhere a week before school begins…that’s not going to happen. Inside the school, clerks and other staff who are familiar with the school and its daily function are seemingly arbitrarily being switched out into other positions. Now, with all the change that is taking place in which students are being “assigned” to schools, administrators have to work with new staff who are not familiar with the day to day operations. This is such a setup for failure.

    Of course, the children and parents are being abused, blatantly abused. Christie, in paternalistic fashion, has the audacity to exclaim, he knows best. Regardless of what he says, the people have to put an end to the abuse. I was by the scene yesterday and saw that the police had blocked off West Kinney Street. Freda Barrow has some footage on youtube from the debacle. You can actually feel the pain, anger, and frustration this mother expresses as she decides that she is not going to stand in a line any longer just so she can not get her voice heard or have someone to talk to about her situation

  18. As with virtually every action by the so-called reformers, you have to ask, where does the incompetence end and the malice begin?

  19. Republicans only believe in their ideology when it works for them,Big government is bad,what can be bigger then a state operated district.Cami will leave Newark and never look back,she does not care how much tax payer money she spends or how she leaves the city or our schools.

  20. This is disgusting! As I have said and will continue to say “Nobody REALLY cares about the children”. This big mess has just used our children as pawns in a terrible process. The “wonderful” superintendent in Washington DC left that district a big mess and in worst failure. I foresee this happening in Newark. I am also insulted that my 34 years as a teacher in Newark and a damn good one continues to be seen “as those teachers who…”. WE TAUGHT OUR KIDS WITH ALL OUR HEARTS AND SMARTS. We stayed because we cared about the kids. Who cares now???? MONEY is the answer to this question. Oh the Charters would “throw back” the behavior problem students and those whose parents “were not involved”. Where will the throw them now? As the parent was told when she tried to register her two children yesterday “home school”. Are they kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on all of these people who are not thinking about the kids but their own political futures. Shame on Booker, Christie and Cerf!

  21. Naomi Nix’s online article in 8-22-14 Jersey Tribune notes “Anderson said in an interview that the school system had hoped to soft launch the enrollment center on Thursday and Friday …” A “soft launch” sounds fine for marketing soda but not for the serious role of assigning schools.
    1. Does Cami A think that employers will award a “soft” personal day to parents who must take 2nd day off work because she/NPS staff planned ineptly?
    2. What will the “soft launch” of her Volunteer bus aides look like?

  22. Do you know why there were so many parents at NVHS yesterday? Because parents listened to this Anti-Cami group and decided not to participate in any of the school choice rounds. Even though they were strongly encouraged to apply, parents chose not too because some fool told them not to do it. Parents told me this today and yesterday with there own mouth. This is why 90% of the families there did not have a school to go to in two weeks. Another reason is because contact info changes often. We cant get anyone on the phone to have conversations with them to explain what’s going and so they can know there options. How can you have a child in school, away from you, and the school not have a working phone number for you? Let’s put some of the blame back where it belongs, on the parent. My child’s education comes first. I would have enrolled my kid in a school, got at least one of my choices, and then protested if I needed to. Not the other way around. Newark needs to get together and soon, because if not you will always have this problem. Take notes, Trenton and Camden, you’re probably next!!!

    1. Wow. I’m not sure which genius in Strategy & Innovation you are, but it’s likely this forum of “fools” already knows. Further, based on your incorrect usage of “too” and “there,” there’s a strong liklihood you work on the 9th floor; specifically to remove you from further reckless writing like what you’ve demonstrated here.

      The tone of your commentary is hostile. Do you understand that? It is as hostile as the behavior you demonstrate in person on a regular basis. And it is unwarranted. Seeking to justify yourself, I could see you responding by saying your hostility is some kind of response to the hostility you’ve received trying to help those ingrates in Newark. But you chose to immerse yourself in public service. Here. In Newark. You made that choice. The parents you regard and talk about with such hostility can’t, according to you, exercise choice because of the inherent limitations in One Newark.

      Can you understand hostility rooted in desperation, fear, anxiety and disenfranchisement? I don’t think you can. I don’t think you are capable. You lack empathy. A skill, by the way, they don’t teach at Harvard’s Kennedy School, The Aspen-Pahara Institute, The Broad Foundation, The New Teacher Project, Teach For America, or New Leaders For New Schools.

      You would think that for the six-figure salary you get, you could demonstrate some, I don’t know, modesty. But your hubris online and in person is incredible. But then again, that isn’t surprising. You are no Ryan or Banker, right?

      They were smart. They wouldn’t use lack of participation as the basis for why a computer process didn’t work. Sure the algorithm can’t work if people don’t provide information, but whose fault is it when all of the expensive marketing, promotion, and awareness can’t overcome “some fool telling them not to do it?”

      How long does it take to run the algorithm? Did it not occur to you to just run the algorithm again? Or just extend the enrollment throughout the summer? The charter schools were better of with their raffle-style lottery process. At least then, some students would be enrolled somewhere this close to school opening.

      It was you and the leadership team you work for that launched One Newark almost a week late in the first place. It was you all who sent the placement letters late. Twice. It was you and your leadership that closed, renewed, resited, colocated and disrupted schools believing this much change this quickly would somehow be smooth.


      1. To Not Cami Anderson

        Eloquent…Thank you…

    2. Did you know that some student were put in schools they did not select? Perhaps, out of that 90%, half of them just want to know how did that occur and could it be corrected. Why and how didn’t you know about the difficulty you may have trying to communicate with parents? Are you from the area, have you worked in Newark before? The One Newark plan is one PERSON’s idea that need their head examined. Good luck with enrolling them at their schools. Hopefully, there will a secretary assigned with the ability to register them.

  23. The “fool” I was referring to was the Anti-Cami group, not the parent. Every parent I servred left happy. The only real issue was air circulation on Thursday and crowd control. By Friday, everything was fine. So, I’m wondering if the only people the media and Bob talked to were the ones that were sent away on Thursday and the ones standing in line? Did anyone talk to any anyone that was served and happy when they left? Probably not, because that really doesn’t matter to the media. FYI, I don’t work on the 9th floor and I’m not a 6 figured salary employee, nor am I am alumni of any of the programs you named. I’m sorry if you think I’m insensitive because I called parents out for not having correct contact info. I have one quick question. Does anyone in Newark actually vote? Data shows Newark has the lowest voter registration in the state and an even smaller number of those registered actually vote. If you want a visit from Christie and Cami out, the first step, believe it or not, is to vote in every election, the small one and the big ones. That’s your first way of being heard, through the polls. This determines alot. From the potholes on your street being fixed, to a visit from the Governor, to neighborhood schools closing, to getting a Superintendent that you don’t want out. Have you noticed that the Ironbound area schools were not touched during this? Why, because that neighborhood votes. There is definitely a school that needs to be closed because its old and falling apart like the others, but instead they’re getting a new building, because they vote!

    1. Your basic argument seems to be that the poorest, most vulnerable, most disengaged members of our society deserve the worst of everything, and that if only every poor, profoundly disadvantaged person made sufficient effort to behave like a wealthier, better-educated, more civically engaged person, the effects of poverty, disease, racism and past emotional trauma would evaporate.

      Bob Braun: Whoever you are, this is brilliant. And it applies not only to the post her but to everyone who thinks he/she knows what’s best for everyone.

    2. With all due respect, I found much of your response magnificently naive, which adds further context to your hostility, which, you didn’t deny.

      Chris Christie is governor of the entire state of New Jersey. Not just the towns, counties, and voting districts that vote for him. He has an obligation to acknowledge every New Jerseyan, regardless of whether they vote or not. That is his charge. Cami Anderson is not an elected official for one, and second, she like you, works in Newark, for the residents of Newark. It doesn’t matter whether the people vote or not. She doesn’t just serve the people of the Ironbound. She must honor her appointment and exercise responsibility for the education of all Newark’s children.

      Your defense of Christie and Anderson’s willful neglect, your condescension, and your hostility amplify what is already clear. That you, Christie and Anderson don’t care about the citizens of Newark or their children. You’ve affirmed that what is important to you is votes and data. And that you remark “The only real issue was air circulation on Thursday and crowd control,” that just paints you as out of touch and racist. And perhaps worse, I’m not sure, out of touch with the fact that you are racist. And to clarify, I’m not calling you a bigot. I am saying however, that you practice and exercise racism by prejudging and casting aspersions on people who differ from you; then use your ignorance as the basis for which you develop policies like One Newark which demonstrate racist overtones for which the federal government is investigating right now.

      You don’t seem to have a realistic perception of what’s going on. I wasn’t there on Thursday, but everyone agrees it was not ideal. I was there on Friday though, and so was the news. And what I saw, and what they reported contradicts what you suggested occurred on Friday. You may have helped a few parents who left “happy,” but of Thursdays balance of the roughly 500 who returned on Friday, how many did you service? We’re you keeping count? Of those who you serviced, did they leave happy because you gave them preference due to their voter registration status?

      For me, what you are saying raises so many more troubling questions than answers. You’re saying that you’re not explicitly calling parents fools; that you’re referring to the Anti-Cami group. Who do you think that group consists of if not parents? It’s as though you either believe parents are mindless automatons who are easily indoctrinated, or you think so highly of your efforts that it is impossible for you to conceive that parents would or could reject it. Next, you blame the people who are reliant on your efforts for the failure of your efforts. Do you not self-evaluate in your department? We know that parents in Newark don’t maintain accurate contact information. Why then don’t you collect, verify, and update student information more frequently throughout the year? Why do the schools, Food Services, Student Information Services, and you in Enrollment each have, use, and maintain separate databases for the same students? Again, did it not occur to you, to evaluate your own processes? And lastly, do you not fully comprehend the ecosystem you work in? Newark is State controlled. And even though the School Development Authority, the Superior Courts, and The State all determine whether a school gets built in Newark or not, according to you, the residents of the Ironbound, are able to sidestep all the statutes, policies, and resolutions by the shear might of their vote; a vote for which there is no ballot. Summarily, Newark is state controlled. Seriously, do you not understand how this works? Do you care? Do you care whether you know that you understand or not?

  24. Not Cami Anderson

    Excellent response….

    One Newark Worker

    I would love for you to explain the position of those parents who DID enroll in this disastrous program and their children are still not matched?? Are they fools as well? There is nothing positive about this situation and it saddens me to see parents so frustrated about something that should be so easy, stress free and natural as enrolling your child in school. This whole thing stinks to high heaven

    1. And from the data, majority of high school parents ranked only magnet schools. There are only a limited number of seats. They didnt get matched because there was not a seat to match them to. Would you rather not have been matched, or the district choose a school for you? The parent focus groups said they’d rather not be matched and have an opportunity to choose again. They said that’s what parents preferred and the district honored it. There was not alot of movement in elementary schools other than for the schools that closed. Every parent that applied during round 1 in this situation were matched to one of their top 3 choices.

      1. I never once mentioned economic status. That has nothing to do with voting. It’s free and there plenty of polls all over.

        1. One Newark Worker
          If I were you, I would refrain from continued discourse/debate with Not Cami Anderson.

          Your are losing badly and you are in way over your head. You have nether the facts nor the intellect on your side.

          Rest tonight and prepare to “help” more Newark parents tomorrow at the One Newark school assignment center.

        2. There is plenty of statistical evidence indicating that poor people vote at lower rates than the more well-to-do, which suggests that voting does have something to do with economic status. I suggest (sincerely, not sarcastically) that you try to learn more about what it is actually like to be extremely poor. You would be better prepared to serve the people of Newark if you did so.

      2. Well what did you think they were going to choose given the standing reputations of West Side, Shabazz, and Barringer. It’s like you manufactured a crisis by ignoring all of the red flags. You never sought significant community input. If you did, everyone would have told you the magnet schools are magnet schools with unique admissions requirements for a reason.

        For example, magnet schools like Stuyvesant, LaGuardia, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech may be open to all NYC students, but not every NYC student is eligible for admission. The reason for that is so that you don’t flood and dilute the pool of candidates and disappoint an entire city full of families.

  25. Bob, great and insightful writing as always. Thank you!

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  27. […] earlier in that school system. In a post on August 21st, New Jersey blogger Bob Braun described the first day of getting assigned to schools in the new, improved Anderson plan for closing neighborhood schools and parceling out students to […]

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  29. We were told basically the same thing, he missed over 200 days of school due to illness or anxiety, SO I am homeschooling him! Newark Schools Suck! He is doing 1 million % better at home than in school!
    Plus no common core!

  30. […] schools, leading to school closures and teacher layoffs. This is exactly what has happened in some other cities where this proposal has been pushed […]

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