Cami cuts 500 jobs


Cami Anderson's photo from the Aspen Institute's site
Cami Anderson’s photo from the Aspen Institute’s site

State-appointed Newark schools superintendent Cami Anderson is cutting some 500 jobs, including 200 teaching positions, 200 central office employees, and nearly 100 non-instructional workers, including clerks and aides. The resulting layoffs will follow tenure and seniority laws and regulations despite Anderson’s apparently failed effort to obtain permission from the state to ignore seniority.

Sources within both the Newark Teachers Union (NTU) and the central office confirmed the job cuts but stressed the actual number of men and women who will be fired is likely to be fewer because of retirements, resignations, and already vacant positions.

In an email to NTU members, John Abeigon, the union’s director of organization, said Newark Public Schools representatives met with union leaders to depict a “worst case scenario” that included the dismissal of 104 non-tenured teachers who already had received their notice of layoff letters. Abeigon said 93 non-instructional positions would be eliminated.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Rodriguez, Anderson’s chief labor relations aide, called in central office staff and said as many as 200-300 positions would be eliminated—but, again, the actual number of persons affected is likely to be lower. One meeting participant said the way she handled the meeting was  hurtful, especially to long-term employees who had to stand by and watch while Anderson hired scores of new outsiders and gave them extraordinarily high salaries–about a dozen of whom now make $175,000 or more and that’s the governor’s salary.

Anderson is working on a special project for the Aspen Institute to increase the  number of young top staff members.

“It was very matter of fact,” said one person at the meeting, “She told us the people laid off would be gone by August. I’ve never seen morale this law.”

If the numbers hold, the scope of the layoffs is smaller than originally feared. Earlier this year, union leaders expressed fear as many as 700 teachers might be laid off this year. Anderson herself has told some media she wanted to cut a third of the teaching staff.

NPS officials had steadfastly denied reports here that Anderson’s request for permission to ignore seniority rules had neither been withdrawn nor denied. A spokesman for Acting Education Commissioner David Hespe said no action had yet been taken on the elaborate, 100-page request for a waiver of seniority rules. Anderson wanted to use the new teacher evaluation system to determine which teachers would be fired.

  1. It’s was said that as of this time LAYOFFS WILL FOLLOW THE LAW… Which said to me that something is in the works that says OTHERWISE!!!

  2. The NTU slept when Anderson wiped out the Attendance Dept last year with over 40 attendance counselors dismissed even though state law requires them to enforce the compulsory education law. Watch the NTU do the same thing now.

    Bob Braun: But how many NTU members are willing to put their jobs on the line and strike for those about to lose their jobs? When is the last time any teachers’ union struck in NJ? Perhaps a court action might be appropriate but this isn’t 1970.

  3. Follows the governor’s mo. Predict large disaster so you can claim praise for keeping the numbers low. It’s what happened with tolls and what cami did with layoff numbers.

  4. Whatever the numbers, every educator needs to be out on Tuesday to march in the streets and let the leadership of this district and this state know that we will not accept the destruction of our schools. Broad and Raymond – 4:00 on Tuesday, May 20th. This is the time.

  5. ….and she gives 15% plus raises to many of her top cronies while laying off many Newarkers who need the salaries to feed, shelter and clothe their families…truly unbelievable.

    …and she gives 15% plus raises to many of her top cronies…

    …and she gives 15% plus raises to many of her top cronies…

    …and she gives 15% plus raises to many of her top cronies…

    …and she gives 15% plus raises to many of her top cronies…

    …and she gives 15% plus raises to many of her top cronies…

    …and she gives 15% plus raises to many of her top cronies…

    …and she gives 15% plus raises to many of her top cronies…

    …and she gives 15% plus raises to many of her top cronies…

    …and she gives 15% plus raises to many of her top cronies…


  6. Excuse me, but with regards to the Attendance counselors, the NTU filed the appropriate complaints with the DOE and refiled with the new Commissionor.

  7. I wonder how many of those being laid off are Teach for America recruits they seem to always stay employed.

    1. Cami is devious so it is a strong possibility that she will claim that they are a separate category. This will allow her to keep them while laying off people in “other categories.”

  8. […] Braun reports that Cami will cut 500 Newark public schools employees, “including 200 teaching positions, 200 central […]

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