BRIDGEGATE TRIAL–On Monday, Bill Baroni will have a lot of explaining to do

Bill Baroni--WSJ Photo
Bill Baroni–WSJ Photo

Bill Baroni, a defendant in the Bridgegate trial, will testify Monday and, boy, he’d better be good because, so far, his case is depending on people like Marilyn Graber who wanted the jury to know she has three “fabulous” grandchildren and lost 135 pounds at a weight loss clinic at Duke University where she met the nicest man 21 years ago. And his name was Bill Baroni.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: The master of political porn


From BlueJersey.Com
From BlueJersey.Com

New Jersey, despite the sentiments of many residents and the producers of television shows and authors of books with catchy titles, is no more politically corrupt than any other big urban state. It has, however, in the last few decades become the center of a new political phenomenon:  Political pornography.  And, in this less graphic version of “Boogie Nights,” the Jack Horner character, the producer—Burt Reynolds—is, of course, Chris Christie, the punk who became governor.

BRIDGEGATE TRIAL–Eight things we’ve learned so far–and one we haven’t


What we have learned from the Bridgegate trial so far:

  1.  The Port Authority, established in 1921 to promote transportation and trade in New York harbor, has become an $8 billion a year patronage mill for the governors of New York and New Jersey. A good example, the PA’s “bank funds” were used to help Essex County Democrat Joseph DiVincenzo win re-election with money for the parks he promotes.