Scrap the “Newark Educational Success Board”–it will only impede local control

BARAKACHRISTIEThe so-called “Newark Educational Success Board”–a governmental fiction with no legal standing–was created as a consequence of the same deal cut between Gov. Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Ras Baraka that brought former state Education Commissioner  Christopher Cerf to Newark as the school system’s superintendent to replace the disgraced Cami Anderson. The board, dominated by Christie appointees, most with charter school ties, has met only once since its creation more than a month ago–and the result of that meeting did  not bring good news for those opposed to state control. A ” report” outlining a “roadmap” for a return to local control won’t even be ready for another year–and the district may even be farther away from local control than it was last year.

Good-bye to Joe Del Grosso–and, maybe, a lot more

Pallbearers carry Joseph Del Grosso's casket out of St. Lucy's Church
Pallbearers carry Joseph Del Grosso’s casket out of St. Lucy’s Church

Joseph Del Grosso, the president of the Newark Teachers Union for 20 years, was buried Monday after a funeral Mass at St. Lucy’s Church in what once was the city’s First Ward, its Little Italy.  It made sense to have the funeral there, and not simply because he grew up in the neighborhood before it was systematically destroyed in what had to be one of the stupidest decisions ever made by any government anywhere.

Julian will go to a neighborhood school–but what about all the other Newark children?

Julian Ferreira will attend the Oliver Street School.
Julian Ferreira will attend the Oliver Street School.

Julian Ferreira will get to go the school behind his house–and his mother Sara deserves a lot of credit for standing up to the administration of Newark public schools run by Christopher Cerf, Gov. Chris Christie’s agent in the state’s largest school district. But there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other children in Newark who will not be allowed to attend the schools nearest their homes. Their struggle goes on.