“One Newark”–Good news for principal banned from New York City schools



Cory Booker speaks at Eagle Academy Foundation--Photo by Publicity.com
Cory Booker speaks at Eagle Academy Foundation–Photo by Publicity.com

“One Newark”–Gov. Chris Christie’s plan for privatizing many of the city’s schools–might be bad news for many parents, children, and school employees. But it’s likely to mean a promotion–another promotion–for a former New York City school principal who was banned  from working in the New York City public schools because he misappropriated  public funds for personal use.

Was the GWB blockage an act of terrorism? A reader, Patrice Britz, helps me understand

The novel by John Updike
The novel by John Updike

Does anyone remember John Updike’s  2006 novel, Terrorist? It’s an odd Updike work and didn’t receive critical acclaim. It’s about a young Muslim  man who plans to set off a truck bomb in the Lincoln Tunnel, an act, of course, that will—among many other dreadful things—paralyze traffic throughout Northeastern New Jersey.

Is Chris Christie trying to bust the Newark Teachers Union?

Teachers at Alexander Street School--about to become a charter--wear black as part of "Fight Back Friday" protest.
Teachers at Alexander Street School–about to become a charter–wear black as part of “Fight Back Friday” protest.

Today, it begins.  It’s the assault on public education in the state’s largest city known as “One Newark.”  Instead of fully funding the state’s school aid formula, instead of ending racial isolation in the schools, instead of returning the schools to representatives of the people of Newark—all of which are required by law—the Christie Administration is beginning a wholesale closing of neighborhood public schools and transfer of valuable real estate to private entities like charters.