Can a dream come true in New Jersey?

Linda Stamato
Linda Stamato

By Linda Stamato

Tuition rates at public colleges differ between those who are residents of the state, who pay “in-state” tuition, and those who are not; they pay “out-of-state” tuition.   Some residents, however, are less equal than others.  These are the young people who are not citizens, the so-called “undocumented,” who were brought to this country by their parents who entered illegally; they are also the promising prospective students who are accepted for study because they are qualified and will benefit from that education.

The horror of Yan Ping Wang’s life, the beauty of the love she received

She lay strapped to a gurney, her face frozen in a soundless, endless scream. Yan Ping Wang was frightened  by what was happening to her but she was unable to give voice to  that fear. I sat next to her in the small, private jet as it headed southwest from New Jersey to Texas, trying to assure her she would be safe and, even more, she would be happy when she was reunited with her sister Yan Qing.