Rutgers–again–betrays the legacy of Paul Robeson. For $11 million.

Paul Robeson, from Rutgers Magazine

Paul Robeson was nothing less than a “force of nature,” according to the cover article in the most recent Rutgers Magazine, an alumni publication. He lived a “remarkable life” that “stirred the world.” He left behind “an extraordinary legacy in athletics, the arts, and…the fight for human rights.”


NEWARK SCHOOL VOTE: Tricks, lies, and videotape

Where decisions are made for, but not by, the people of Newark

All you really need to know about the Newark school board election Tuesday can be found on some videotape clips.

The first was recorded at a cocktail reception at the North End Bar April 3, held to raise money for school board member–and candidate for reelection– Tave Padilla.


CHARTERS: NJ press–finally–smells rot, but proposes reforms that continue racist policy

Deseret Segura, 16, comforts her grandmother, Deseret Richardson, 83. The older woman was weeping because her granddaughter would be transferred to a school far from home they shared because of the so-called “One Newark” enrollment plan. It was designed by Christie administration to ensure charter school enrollment growth. It continues today despite promises by Mayor Ras Baraka to end it. ( 2014 Photo by Bob Braun)

Newark votes: Can public schools survive charter growth?

“Children over Politics” candidates Leah Owens, Saafir Jenkins and Denise Cole–they want public schools to be the choice.

Newark voters go to the polls April 16 but the real question they face in the school board election isn’t printed on the ballot. It’s a question that’s brutal, clear and stark–a question that, maybe, no one wants to face:


EXITING NEWARK: Strange happenings as state loses control of the schools. Part One.

Christopher Cerf and friend

Just days before the New Jersey state school board voted to end state control of the Newark schools in 2017, local administrators appointed by former Republican Gov. Chris Christie pushed through a contract awarding nearly $200,000 to a consulting firm with ties to state officials who ran the district. It was just one of a number of commitments the system’s former state masters imposed on the struggling, financially strapped district.



Jim Pathe

Jim Pathe, a veteran photojournalist who worked for decades at The Star-Ledger, has died.  He was 83 and succumbed to thyroid cancer on Jan. 13.

Pathe, a Navy veteran who joined the submarine service, came late to mainstream journalism. He had worked in construction, built lobster boats, served as coordinator and spokesman for an organization of veterans who opposed the Vietnam War.


LADY LIBERTY: Why is Murphy covering up Christie’s $10 million loan to failing charter school?

Lady Liberty Academy Charter School

The New Jersey state education department has refused to release public documents that might  shed light on former Gov. Chris Christie’s loan of $10 million in state funds to a failing Newark charter school and its partner, a private, for-profit real estate developer that was receiving more than $800,000 in public funds as annual rent from the school.