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NEWARK’S ST. BENEDICT’S: Acts as aggressive charters imperil Catholic schools

Changes at St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark

Newark’s St. Benedict’s Preparatory School, for nearly 150 years an all-boys’ secondary school, is about to become what its headmaster calls a “pioneering” hybrid, expanding to include both elementary schooling and co-education–with girls admitted to its middle school division for the first time in its history.



Paul Robeson as a member of the RU football team–a two-time All-American.

The Rutgers University football stadium is named after a company in Sparta, High Point Solutions,  whose owner, Thomas Mendiburu, is an active  supporter of President Donald Trump and served on Trump’s finance transition committee. Trump, famously, is a great admirer of Russia and of its president, Vladimir Putin, someone who may have interfered with the 2016 American election.

NEW JERSEY’S $10 MILLION COMPUTER CRASH–The questions keep piling on.

The overheated Caliburn


Efforts to find out how and why Rutgers University’s $10 million supercomputer crashed–or, at least, had to be shut down before it did crash because of a cooling malfunction–have only raised new questions about what has been touted as one of the fastest computers in the world. One that hasn’t worked since mid-January, just a few weeks after its official launch in December, 2016.


Caliburn and its designers Manish Parashar and Ivan Rodero from a RU photo used by The Star-Ledger.

New Jersey’s largest supercomputer–considered one of the largest computing systems in the world–was quietly shut down a month ago by Rutgers University just weeks after a much ballyhooed celebration of what was then called “the most powerful system in the state” that would be made available to government, private industry, higher education, and other organizations.

Advocates: End the “bitter irony” of robbing poor students to pay for charters

Anti-charter school demonstration in New York

Lawyers for Newark’s public school children have asked New Jersey’s  appellate courts to block the Christie Administration’s effort to nearly double charter school enrollment in the state’s  largest school district, warning the increased privatization of the city’s schools would deepen the system’s fiscal crisis, increase racial isolation, and deprive the neediest public school students of essential services.

Christmas spirit at a Newark charter school–the children will “suffer”

And a Merry Christmas to you! As long as you pay for a ticker, participate, attend and find a way home.
And a Merry Christmas to you! As long as you pay for a ticket, participate, attend and find a way home.

The Gray Charter School in Newark has warned its students they face punishment, including  reductions in their academic grades, if they do not attend and participate in a  school-sponsored holiday program scheduled off-campus at night and bring at least one adult who must purchase a $25 ticket and provide transportation after the show ends.